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Contemporary businesses have an invisible superpower in the form of technological innovations and lightning-fast internet. And ShapeNet Softwares ensures that you leverage this power completely with our super-efficient gym management software. Every gym owner often finds themselves overburdened with a million things on their mind related to management, customer support, equipment, etc. With ShapeNet’s gym management software systems, multiple aspects of your fitness club can be automized, streamlining the daily operations.

A small enterprise in its building stage can manage to function with the conventional manual bookkeeping methods, one-to-one interaction with the clients, and few staff members who can multitask. However, as the business grows and you’re looking to expand to multiple locations, automation becomes a necessity, and for good reasons. Not only does the technology makes things easier to manage, but also the benefits snowball is giving you ample room to focus on the growth rather than the daily necessary but tedious tasks. Let’s have a look at a few notable examples:

ShapeNet Software’s Diverse Benefits

  • Streamline Membership Management.The lifeblood of every service-based business is its clients. Although there is no denying that every enterprise strives to provide immaculate services, this effort can be time-consuming on the staff and at times makes the process tedious for the customer too. ShapeNet’s club management softwares seamlessly compiles the member information and delegate the needful tasks in the staff dashboard that can be easily monitored. Moreover, this also helps in eliminating waiting time for the client as they can access any service from the software right from their mobile devices.
    When memberships are automatically recorded, audited, and billed, this leads to a significantly higher rate of customer satisfaction as the transparency builds their trust towards your business. A fitness club relies on two critical components for growth and revenue – acquiring clients and retaining the current members. Commonly, the former is perceived to be more challenging, when in practice, client retention is what brings in larger revenue for the business. Hence, cloud-based software solutions designed by ShapeNet’s industry experts are a readymade blueprint for your club’s success.
  • Simplified Administration. Daily operations for a fitness club are vital but also lengthy. Gym management software help automate these tasks, aiding in seamless daily administrative tasks. When the staff has less manual work weighing them down, it frees up a chunk of their time to devote to client interaction, services promotion, report analysis, and much more. Moreover, as a business owner, this saves up your time, making staff meetings for daily reporting obsolete. This, in turn, allows you to save time and money by hiring lesser admin staff and investing your resources in client-focused avenues.
    ShapeNet’s efficient software solutions make daily operations such as signing up new members, updating memberships, sending reminders regarding bill payments, etc., easy to manage. A succinctly designed health club billing software integrated with the website streamlines bill payments. In addition, ShapeNet Software offers a feature with automated subscription renewal and bill payment through secured transactions that allows the complete customer control of their membership while eliminating the need for individual calling and demanding payments. Not only does this promotes smooth management, but it also ensures that there are no late payments.
  • Integrated Reporting & Analysis. A fitness club’s growth largely depends on the success of the services provided, client retention, etc. Essentially, paying members run the show. Hence, it is imperative that your gym software is capable of handling the recurring payments without a glitch. ShapeNet’s club management software allows secured transactions, allowing the option to customize and set up automated payments weekly, monthly, etc. Efficient billing systems are a crucial element that adds up to overall customer satisfaction significantly.
    In addition to a dedicated point of sale system in place, ShapeNet’s gym management softwares solutions facilitate timely reporting and in-built analysis tools that provide valuable insights into the club’s performance. These automated reports play an integral role in highlighting the highs and lows in every area of the business. Some of the aspects included are monthly subscriptions – renewals and renew; class attendance; lead trafficking; revenue per client; etc. A close analysis of these reports can indicate the sections where your business might be bleeding money, helping you eliminate the deficiencies and improve upon the processes.

At the end of the day, good gym management software should promote client experience and aid in the fitness club’s growth. Investing in ShapeNet’s sophisticated systems is the way to achieve both of these and much more. Our club management software solutions aim to streamline your business’s daily operations, improve client interaction through systematically scheduled emails and SMS services, automated subscription and class alerts, and much more. With the vital but time-consuming everyday tasks automatically managed, your clients enjoy a fuss-free health club experience.

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