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Club Member Sales & Retention Software

ShapeNet’s club member retention software and club member sales software facilitates this motion by employing CRM tools. Sales are the driving force behind every business model. Successful conversions equate profit and expansion for all product and service-based businesses. Fitness clubs are no exception. At the end of the day, memberships stimulate revenue and keep the business going. Every fitness club, whether a novel concept or a mushrooming chain, needs efficient tools and strategies to keep the sales team organized and productive. Enter ShapeNet’s advanced yet user-friendly member retention management software. Our club member retention strategies software is backed by the latest statistics and market analysis that is continuously updated so your team and your brand always stay on top of your game. Many popular chain clubs use our software to aid their team in:

  • Scheduling follow-up calls
  • Tracking lead source
  • Marketing success/budgeting
  • Scheduling club tours
  • Measuring conversion success


Keeping existing members engaged in your business and their health goals is key to increasing the lifetime of these high-value relationships. Retaining members begins from the moment they join your club by effectively communicating regularly and understanding their individual goals and needs.

ShapeNet accomplishes this by giving you the tools and reports you need. Primary features include

  • Email or Text blasts
  • Direct communication with members on the platform
  • Sending out special offers or promotions
  • Appointment reminders
  • Member Training Analysis

Role of CRM in club sales and member retention.

ShapeNet’s club member sales management software streamlines the tasks for the sales team by compiling all the requisite information in order of preference and priority unique for each client. Our CRM software is a compound solution you need to optimize sales by creating funnels and targeting a specific demographic. This planned execution using ShapeNet’s club member sales and retention software facilitates in promoting customer lifetime value among other benefits, including:

  • Precise reporting and tracking. CRM software programs are designed with an automated reporting function to keep you abreast of the performance of your marketing campaigns. This hourly analysis helps your sales and marketing team make the necessary tweaks in the areas that need improvement. Investing in ShapeNet’s fully integrated software will help solve many sales-related issues.
  • Reduce the manpower needed for automated functions. With ShapeNet’s club sales management software, the billing and record-keeping get fully digitized and updated by the minute, eliminating the need to log hours on spreadsheets. This allows your team to focus more on improving the services provided rather than being backed up in crunching numbers. With zero human error, both members and the staff enjoy accurate and timely reports of the ongoing subscriptions.
  • Compatibility with web and mobile apps. In today’s time when bill payments and shopping are done with a single tap, having an automated system that seamlessly integrates with your club mobile app or website is vital. Your clients are shopping online, thus, a smart system allows your members to buy or renew their gym membership online to save time and effort.

Why choose ShapeNet Software?

ShapeNet’s club member sales & retention software is meticulously designed to assist you in improving member engagements with our efficient tracking and analyzing programs. Our software enables you to always know where your ideal clients are so you can curate your marketing and sales strategy to engage and convert effortlessly.
Experience an improved return on investment with ShapeNet’s fully integrated CRM software that promotes the efficiency of your sales team and eliminates tedious record-keeping.
Go paperless, and bring your clients closer digitally with ShapeNet Software. Request a demo with our team today.

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