Extending Your Reach and Retaining

06. Apr Larry

Your fitness club has likely signed up lots of new members earlier this year, and that’s certainly great for business. However, now that some time has passed since the New Year, some of these “New Year” members may have realized that starting the resolution to gain a fitter lifestyle was much easier than committing to fulfill it. Perhaps they do not have the commitment, time, planning, and hard work needed. And this realization may cause them to cancel their membership, which is certainly something you do not want. So how do you keep these “New Year” members? One of the critical elements that play into member retention is engagement. “New Year” members joined your fitness club with the best intentions, but without knowing what to do or how to start after joining. In addition, a new environment can make some people uncomfortable. It’s up to you and your team to welcome them, to talk to them, and to help them however possible. For instance, if a member is unsure on how she or he should start working out, direct them to a personal trainer. Or if a member needs some help with time management, some friendly word of advice give to him or her can increase your odds, as a fitness club owner, to keep that member. Communication is key in any relationship, business or otherwise. Now while retaining membership you can also extend your reach by offering a service which can garner the attention of potential clients. Two birds, one stone. “New Year” members joined your fitness club in an effort to lose weight or gain a healthier lifestyle, most likely. So it is imperative to give these new members what they want! Introduce a weight-loss program specifically catered to members with little to no experience with fitness and promote this program a few weeks prior to the New Year and during the month of January. Make the resolution of losing weight a simple task because simplicity is what most people need after a long day at work. Always focus on the reason why members joined your fitness club because when you know the reason, you can provide the path that members will walk on and in all likelihood, attract others to walk that path. Member retention and potential revenue growth!  

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