Cloud Based

Our Fitness Software ensures seamless data access, management from anywhere, and overall efficiency.

Member Portal

Facilitate fitness journeys with easy schedule access, progress tracking, and community management.

Membership Management

Streamline tracking, communication, renewal management, & administrative tasks for better efficiency.

Sales CRM

Optimize lead-tracking, sales analytics, and apply effective member retention tricks for efficient sales.

Custom Questionnaires

Help Collect specific information, preferences, customize exercise plans, and boost member involvement.

Virtual Fitness And Exercise Classes

A diverse range of remote workout options for members ensures a flexible and enjoyable fitness experience.


Engage members with gamification tricks to enhance participation & motivate them in their fitness journey.


Deliver a comprehensive suite of integrated technology solutions, including texting capabilities.

mobile app

Offer a seamless mobile experience with enhanced members’ engagement wherever your members are.

e signature

Sign and store all contracts and agreements digitally in your system & no need for costly paper contracts.

24-hour door access

Provide a cost-effective solution that gives your business a competitive advantage over your competitors.


Our platform supports a variety of peripherals that streamline and automate various aspects of your business.

data conversion

Easily convert your existing data into our system while our expert team guides you every step of the way.

on-line enrollment

Generate an additional revenue stream by allowing new members to join your club through your website.

point of sales

Effectively multitask and supervise all areas of your fitness club with our software’s Point of Sales feature.

credit card auto updater

Prevent revenue loss due to changes in credit card details due to its expiry or issuance of a new card.

managed billing

Help to simplify billing management for your health club by alleviating common challenges in this area.


Gain valuable insights and drive business growth through performance analysis and daily reports.


The Shapenet reports have been vital to our business. The best thing about Shapenet is its customer support. The Shapenet support team is EXCELLENT and is responsive to all issues. This is something people underestimate when purchasing software, but it is extremely important. I would recommend Shapenet for this reason alone.

— beth scanlon
— Owner - Bayshore Fit

ShapeNet transformed the way we do business- it has made us more productive and efficient. Efficiency, streamlining of tasks, simplified process and automation.

— jen zamora
— Wellness Supervisor - Cantrell Wellness Center

From the very beginning I was incredibly impressed with all the functionality. It does everything! It's easy to use, and the customer service is the very best across the board. I run my entire business through shape. I absolutely love it!

— crystal cholewa
— Owner - Xtreme Core Fitness

Shapenet software is outstanding. Even better is the client support. I would highly recommend Shapenet to anyone considering software for their fitness facility !

— bob andrea
— Manager - T3 Performance

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