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ShapeNet Software is a leading provider of reliable gym management software and gym fitness center software systems to facilitate your gym operations with advanced and easy-to-use tools and resources. Our cloud-based gym fitness center software is not only readily accessible from anywhere, but it is also made with a keen focus on compatibility with any of your existing gym technologies. Hence, we offer a fully integrative gym management software that enhances your gym membership experience and provides required aid to your administrators, trainers, and members. Our all-in-one gym management software has been specifically developed to help business owners manage every aspect of their business operations, such as membership management, personal training software, check-in system, etc., in one place.

What is Gym Management Software?

Nowadays, the gym and fitness clubs are becoming more tech-savvy. So, if you want to boost your business productivity and stay ahead of the competitors, a gym management software system designed by Shapenet Software can help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors. It is designed to alleviate the burden on your administrative staff by streamlining registrations, training sessions, membership payment processing, membership renewals, and other activities. Moreover, all your members can easily access their profile with the gym fitness center software at any time to make changes in their training session bookings, check the schedule, or update their payment methods whenever required. Thus, they won’t have to go through the hassle of manually updating all their information, which would have increased the workload for your administrative staff and reduced your business productivity.

Our advanced technology gym management software will help improve your gym club’s overall user experience at the facility. Not only that, you can utilize the data collected through the gym management system to make crucial decisions such as setting goals for your social media ad campaigns, updating your gym security levels, controlling the information access to your staff and members, and much more. We aim to continually help gym clubs evolve by providing the latest updates to stay on top of all the new health and fitness trends.

Gym Fitness Center Software

ShapeNet’s gym management platform is fully equipped with a range of features to support your fitness club to be digitally prepared to provide your members top-grade fitness experience. Whether you are opening a new business and your gym management is at its early stages or want to update/transform your gym facilities, we pride ourselves on offering personalized digital solutions befitting all your needs. Our standard gym management software includes the following features:

Automate administrative tasks

In a gym business, there are many redundant time-consuming administrative tasks that may exhaust your administrative staff but need to be done as part of the everyday business operations. So, why not automate these tasks with our efficient gym management software to save your administrative staff’s time and boost your business productivity? Not only can you automate the on-site operations but also off-site operations with our innovative gym management software. Our online gym management platform is equipped to help automate your new members’ onboarding process, check-ins, online registration, and bookings, sending notifications on the members’ birthdays or regarding subscription expiring, and much more. You can also get many additional automation features to better manage both your offline training sessions and virtual training sessions.

Advanced Door Access Control

ShapeNet’s gym management software comes with integrative features with your existing door access control system. Thus, whether you want a biometric gym check-in system, password-protected, QR code security, or any other type of door access system, you can view the check-in data and restrict your staff and members’ access to certain areas. In addition, the remote capabilities allow business owners to facilitate gym access remotely at any time and can also be used to automatically disable gym access for any members whose membership may have expired. You can also gather related door access information, such as which facilities your members have frequently been using and their visiting patterns. This allows you to distinguish the areas that need more promotion and single out any infrequent visitors. You can use these insights to create customized digital ad campaigns and special offers to encourage your members to visit more.

Advanced data backup & security

As a gym management system generally stores your financial records such as membership subscriptions, credit and debit cards information, and payment processing, data security is a top concern for all kinds of gym businesses. With our advanced technology gym management system, you won’t need to worry about your data backup and security. ShapeNet’s gym management software is equipped to automatically maintain detailed records of your member information, staff information, financial records, and other everyday operations, as well as keeping an online backup for easy data recovery. At ShapeNet Software, our team ensures advanced encryption of your data through built-in tools to support all the needs of small to mid-sized gyms or large-scale fitness centers with multiple branches.

Staff Management

Our gym management system also features a range of staff management capabilities, including staff check-in/check-out, payroll management, trainer scheduling integration, and more. Thus, you can keep track of your trainers’ attendance, productivity, and performance. You can also avoid double-booking errors with an automated gym management system. Moreover, whenever you plan to integrate virtual training sessions to extend your services to a broader customer base, you may need to employ a new system to facilitate the digital needs for successfully running your business. However, our gym management software is well-equipped to handle your digital needs to efficiently streamline all your online personal training sessions and class bookings on any device. It will facilitate your transformation from an off-line business to a fully integrated virtual fitness training center.

Advanced analytics & reporting

At ShapeNet, we understand that promoting your business is always a big priority to boost your gym revenue. Thus, we offer gym management software that features advanced analytics and reporting tools to help strategize your business plans. Not only can you maintain a comprehensive record of your member information from your various digital technologies employed across your gym facilities in a central database, but also, you will get automatically generated data-driven reports. In fact, our gym management software will also keep track of your marketing campaigns and generate reports of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You can use the insights from these reports to improve the user experience, member retention, customer engagement and make the required changes needed to attract more customers.

Integrated marketing tools

Our gym management system can also be integrated with a range of digital marketing tools. You can successfully launch your targeted digital marketing campaigns directed at search engine and social media users. Thus, it will make it easier to keep an accurate track of your cross-platform paid promotional campaigns through a central dashboard. You can regularly get real-time updates on the conversion rate and effectiveness of your ad campaign. ShapeNet’s gym management system also has marketing automation tools to run personalized promotional campaigns by gathering valuable feedback from customers. In addition, you will also get automated suggestions to launch special customized offers for your existing members for cross-selling, boosting your business revenue and the overall growth of your business.

Automate recurring payments

Managing your financial records can be a hassle. But, with our gym management software, you can make it much smoother. Our gym management system has many features such as secure payment processing, financial reporting, and keeping records of your fitness club’s sales and expenditure. In addition, it can facilitate your client’s recurring payments. For example, it allows your members to set up their debit/credit card for automatically charging the subscription fee and membership renewal. The gym management software will also send them notifications regarding the due dates. This way, you won’t need to pursue your clients every month for their membership fee, and whenever they want, they can change their credit/debit card to another one.

Manage membership and subscription packages

Another valuable feature of ShapeNet’s gym management software is that you can easily design, implement, and manage a range of membership programs and subscription packages to fit different budgets. Our gym management system is easy to operate and will immaculately keep track of your memberships, billing, and invoicing notifications, all in a central interface. It will also allow your members to choose from multiple payment options, including bank transfer, credit cards, PayPal, etc., reducing the administrative hassle. Moreover, our gym management system also allows business owners to create customized subscription plans for specific members and systematically manage them without errors. As a result, you can enhance your customer satisfaction, leading to better long-term relationships with your members.


ShapeNet Software understands that every gym business needs are different. Therefore, a standard gym management software may not always be able to manage all your business needs efficiently. Keeping this in mind, we offer tailor-made software solutions designed with customized features as per your specific business requirements. You can consult with our developer team regarding your digital goals, and our team will build a ready-to-use robust gym management software that will enhance the manageability of your overall fitness business.

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