How to Turn Your Gym Into a Smart Fitness Facility?

09. Dec Admin

How to Turn Your Gym Into a Smart Fitness Facility?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, smart fitness facilities have become crucial to ensure the smooth flow of revenue for fitness clubs. While many people feel skeptical about going to the gym due to the virus, there are also health and safety guidelines that require reduced occupancy in gyms. It directly affects the revenue stream of the fitness facilities. Moreover, to keep up with the competition in today’s continually evolving fitness industry, gym owners need to make significant changes to turn their gym facility into a smart fitness center. Therefore, many gym owners are turning to Shapenet Software to meet their smart facility requirements.

Online fitness Training and Club Management Software

Shapenet Software is a leading provider of ready-to-use online training and club management tools to help club owners survive in today’s challenging fitness industry. ShapeNet provides an all-in-one cloud-based gym software system that offers 24-hour door access, a mobile app, e-signature, data conversion, virtual training, and trainers management tools to suit all your gym management requirements. Our club management solutions are compatible with integrating with an existing club management system and upgrading your gym facility into a smart fitness center.

Here are the main advantages of turning your gym facility into a smart center with Shapenet Club Management Software solutions:

  • Virtual Program Builder to help train your members wherever they prefer
  • Interactive LIVE Remote Training (using ZOOM) with easy management tools
  • Automatically generated reports to help you manage club facilities and training programs
  • Regularly generated reports to help your trainers and your members track their progress
  • Virtual trainers management program to manage your trainer’s schedules and avoid double booking
  • Organize hassle-free group virtual fitness workouts to motivate your members with our virtual workout software
  • Secure members login access system where you can upload videos for your members to train at home anytime and as per their convenience
  • Increase client retention and attract new customers by offering a home workout option to those who cannot come to the gym
  • Extend your gym member reach and increase your revenue by creating training program packages with customized pricing, including different video sets for clients
  • Create a video library of workouts to help your members access any workout to reach their desired fitness goals
  • Upload your original video content and update video content regularly.
  • Create secure login access for members and automatically allow door access to new members by integrating it with a 24-hour door access system
  • Create restricted video access for generic and premium members
  • Reduce administrative stress by decreasing the time for the signup process by easy one-page registration
  • Generate regular reports to see what videos are being watched by members and which members are reviewing them to create customized promotional offers and plans for targeted members
  • Trainers can track members’ progress and create personalized fitness plans based on online fitness training software data
  • Generate monthly revenue reports and get automatically generated suggestions to make improvements to your gym facilities
  • Generate personalized marketing campaigns for all your members according to their individual preferences

Shapenet’s smart fitness training and club management tools will help you create a fun, competitive environment for your members while assisting them to achieve their fitness targets.

It will also help you create a long-lasting client-trainer relationship and encourage your members to stay with your smart fitness facility for a long time.

Need help turning your gym into a smart fitness center? Get in touch with our experts to explore Shapenet club management software solutions today!

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