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ShapeNet Software makes club membership management simple and easy. Our club membership software is accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device connected to the internet. Our platform gives your administrators, trainers, and members access on the fly and in real-time.

ShapeNet’s gym membership management software provides access to three types of users: Administrators, trainers, and members. Each user has access to specific functions that will improve their overall experience at the facility. Enterprise security levels allow your business to control how your staff and members move and access data throughout the system. Our mission to continually evolve the ShapeNet club management software within the health and fitness space gives your facility a competitive advantage over other gym operators.

Benefits of our Club Membership Management Software

ShapeNet’s virtual club membership management software instantly feeds your staff the information they need regarding your members as they come into your club. Our Front Desk Check-In is easy for your staff to learn. Important messages about members’ account status, birthdays, outstanding balances, renewals, child watch and premium services like personal training, class enrollment and more are displayed on-screen. Also, these services are seamlessly integrated into our scheduler. It can also handle check-ins for non-managed check-in stations.

Your members can check-in right from their smartphones using our ShapeNet branded Mobile App. You’ll get your members to follow their daily workout regime in no time with personal attention, alerts, and security!

Our Front Desk Check-In works with the most sophisticated entry systems in the marketplace from barcoded key-tags, card readers, RFID (radio-frequency identification), and biometric solutions. We can also activate turnstiles or unlock a door (BRIVO) for 24-hour facilities.

The Administrators home page within ShapeNet displays a Dashboard that provides your club managers with a real-time overview of the pulse of the club;

  • New Memberships
  • Member Check-ins
  • New Training Packages Purchased
  • Training Sessions Charged
  • Fitness Assessments Recorded
  • Classes Completed
  • Class Sessions Charged
  • Total Services for the day

Club Managers can communicate messages to the staff for any duties that need to be performed for the day. An Alert Center informs your staff of upcoming Birthdays, Calls, Appointments, Training Sessions’ Expirations, Wellness Assessments, Email Blasts, etc. This minimizes responsibilities and duties slipping through the cracks and delivers critical information in a snapshot on one screen.

Reasons to choose ShapeNet’s Virtual Club Membership Management Software:

  • Save administrative time
  • Allows automatic 24-hour gym access
  • Added security by using a passcode, key card, biometric, or QR code
  • Automatically generate reports of when and how many times your members access your facilities
  • Increase memberships
  • A secure, convenient, and cost-effective way of granting 24/7 access to members
  • Prevents non-members from accessing the facility without authorized access
  • Keeps a record of how many members are present in the facility at a particular time in case of an emergency
  • Customizable to your specific business goals
  • Can be controlled from anywhere through secure remote access controls
  • Easy to integrate with your other gym technologies

How can the Gym Membership Management Software streamline your gym operations?

Our virtual gym membership management software is equipped with a range of advanced features to help smoothly manage your business operations in the following ways:

  • It generates various reports based on the daily data, including the entry timings, total number of visiting members, reports of absent members, and more.
  • It is compatible with various gym access systems to better monitor and control access to different points in the gym and allows entry during specific times.
  • It can help streamline the traffic in your gym by allowing gym members to self-check-in at their convenience.
  • The collected data can be used to figure out your members’ preferences and behavioral patterns and create targeted personalized promotional offers.
  • It can help track the growth of your facility and identify areas that need improvements.

Handle All Your Membership Needs In A Single Place

Shapenet Software is a leading brand providing high-performance club management software that enables gym owners to manage their business operations remotely from anywhere. Our Gym Membership Management Software can handle an extensive range of administrative tasks, including new member registrations, scheduling training sessions, processing membership fees, membership renewals, and many other time-consuming activities much more quickly with a central database system. So, you can handle all your business operations much more efficiently by eliminating the need to update the business database manually. Our Virtual Membership Management Software is equipped with a number of tools and features that will significantly reduce the time spent on menial tasks.


Online scheduling

Eliminate the hassle of lengthy spreadsheets that need to be updated manually and upgrade your gym to our automated club management software that allows your members to conveniently schedule online bookings with error-free automated scheduling.

Automated billing

Avoid the hassle of calling your members, again and again, to notify them to pay their membership fee. Our Club management software allows automated billing to directly deduct the amount of the membership from the member’s debit/credit card periodically. Shapenet Software’s club management software comes with a Credit Card Auto-Updater. It allows your members to add multiple payment options or update their credit card information at their convenience.

Membership renewals

Membership of any particular members expiring soon? Our automated club management software will send them ‘subscription is expiring soon’ reminders and allow your members to opt for automatic membership renewals so your members can directly renew their subscription from the online portal/app.

Auto-generated reports

ShapeNet Software’s gym club management platform can automatically process data and provide auto-generated reports to keep you up-to-date periodically. Easily analyze various aspects of your gym and identify the areas that need more attention with our valuable insights.

Streamline the membership sign-up

Streamline your gym’s membership with a one-page online user registration process. Allow easy sign-ups and synchronization of new members’ information across your gym database and access system automatically.

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