Mobile Apps take Club Management Software to a new level

06. Jul Larry

After launching ShapeNet’s club management software we have been getting rave reviews from both clients and users. Club management software was designed to help health club owners keep track of member information, EFT billing and appointments so they can retain members and keep them active. By introducing a CMS mobile app, ShapeNet’s clients engage their members on a whole new level. Members who use the CMS mobile app can schedule appointments with their trainers anywhere and anytime. They can also keep their billing information current, purchase items and track their purchases throughout the year. They can also refer friends which is a tremendous benefit to health club owners whose main income is derived from member dues. According to a new study by comScore, in the United States people spend the majority of their time receiving digital media using mobile apps. From weight loss tracking to socializing, mobile applications are keeping people connected. If your CMS doesn’t offer a mobile app, you are missing the opportunity to communicate with your members and to keep them engaged. The study shows that 57% of consumers use mobile apps. 88% of Smartphone owners use mobile apps. 79% of them report using mobile apps everyday spending 7 out of every 8 minutes consuming media from their mobile devices. 82% of tablet owners download mobile apps and 26% use at least one mobile app every day. In essence, with the majority of digital media being consumed through mobile devices, Health club owners using club management software that does not provide a mobile app are not missing out on the opportunity to engage with their members in a meaningful way. Our user friendly mobile app is just one more reason for club owners to use ShapeNet Software cloud based CMS.

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