A New Feature: CRM

18. Dec Larry

What is CRM? It is an acronym for ‘Customer Relationship Management,’ which in layman’s terms means a must have tool for fitness centers looking to grow their business. And ShapeNet’s club management software now offers this essential tool. Our CRM provides your business with a system that manages customer interactions, for current clients and future clients. The system will organize sales data, marketing data, and customer service data into a simple summary which you can utilize to improve whatever areas of your business is needed. And the best part of all, our CRM can organize the data on a day to day basis or a month to month basis. You can always backtrack and see how your business did in the past, so you can possibly use past techniques for future plans because why fix what’s not broken? To give you an idea as to what the CRM summary reports would entail, there are several sections that provide specific data. For instance, one of the sections provide a series of questions with answers. These questions are vital to a business’s overall well-being because they are commonly asked. For an idea as to what we mean, please see below. How did you do yesterday? 1 sales (Membership & PT) Are you ready for today? 4 appointments Are you ready for the week ahead? 5 appointments (2-7) Do you have enough leads? 1 added this week The first question is a quick summary for yesterday’s work. As a club manager, knowing where you were yesterday provides with a goal for today. The second question is so frequently asked among co-workers, primarily sales representatives, that we knew providing this information would lessen the ‘wondering’ and start the ‘working.’ Now that you know the past and the present, it’s obvious that you should know the future. This leads us to the third question. Knowing ahead of time means greater efficiency because planning accordingly means lesser chances for mishaps and confusions. Lastly, all the work done must lead to something. So it’s important to know if you have leads. Leads are extremely vital as they can make or break a deal. Knowing how many leads you have means knowing who to contact and possibly close a sale. Please visit our Club Managers features page for complete details on what our club management software can offer for club managers.

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