ShapeNet Software Partners With Brivo Systems LLC

ShapeNet partners with Brivo to offer 24-hour health club access.

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ShapeNet Begins To Offer Proximity/RFID Readers

ShapeNet integrates and begins to offer proximity/RFID readers as option for check-in hardware.

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ShapeNet Updates Server Platform to Microsoft.NET 2.0v

ShapeNet updates server platform to Microsoft .NET 2.0 to enhance paperless contract management functionality.

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First ShapeNet Educational Seminar in Philadelphia.

We successfully completed our first ShapeNet Educational Seminar in Philadelphia.

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ShapeNet Software Promoted During SIBEC 2008

ShapeNet will be promoted during SIBEC 2008 where owners and suppliers in the health and fitness industry meet one on one.

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ShapeNet Software Expands Technical Staff

ShapeNet expands technical staff by hiring an additional Software Engineer and a Systems Integration specialist.

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Robert Grotenhuis joins ShapeNet

Robert Grotenhuis joins ShapeNet Software as Software Engineer. Robb holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and adds years of valuable software experience to the ShapeNet team.

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Larry King speaks at American Academy School of Personal Training

Owner and CEO Larry King invited to speak at American Academy School of Personal Training.

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First Annual ShapeNet Business Seminar

First Annual ShapeNet Learning Business Seminar announced for October 4th and 5th, 2008 in Philadelphia.

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Our Partners

  • VFPnext - ShapeNet Partner
  • SolaJet - ShapeNet Partner
  • TrueDialog - ShapeNet Partner
  • Passport Technologies - ShapeNet Partner
  • Open Edge
  • Keiser
  • TRP
  • Brivo
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