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ShapeNet Software has been voted the best online personal training software for personal trainers. Personal training programs are the biggest revenue generators for both solopreneurs and fitness clubs. Hence, personal training management software is a must-have tool for every business to leverage the power of automated systems. Thus, you can create a strong client-trainer relationship and a collaborative coaching experience that will elevate your club above your competition. Personal training software services are a profitable revenue source within a health club. It helps you effectively manage your trainers and the services provided to your members while allowing you to improve the longevity of these high-value relationships.

ShapeNet’s virtual personal training software platform allows you to manage trainers’ time and track performance effectively. You’re given flexible options to scale pay rates based on sessions, levels of training, class/group participation, and many other areas. Fitness Assessment tools are also available for trainers and members to track and manage each member’s personal goals.

Our personal training software can be customized for individual trainers or fitness clubs alike with no compromise on content or features. This is the best online personal training software that includes:

  • Training session scheduling that allows both trainers and clients to choose from the available slots and exercise niche.
  • Chatbot for on-the-platform direct communication.
  • Ongoing training programs and progress tracking to keep the clients motivated and give trainers time to plan ahead accordingly.
  • In-app purchases and automated billings of current subscriptions.
  • Customizable workouts and diet plans with vegan, diabetic, and other considerations.
  • User-control on scheduling, editing, and adding workouts, additional classes, etc.

An online personal trainer software facilitates client-trainer interaction with user-friendly membership management. As a club owner, you can showcase your top-performers’ profiles highlighting their niche, success stories, training charges all on the dashboard to make the selection process seamless for a potential client.

Flexible options within ShapeNet Software allow you to manage your trainers’ availability and members’ time as they enroll or schedule services. Our system allows you to set class levels and training times, avoiding overcrowding and clashes in training classes.

Salient Benefits of ShapeNet’s Best Online Personal Training Software

Our online personal trainer software services are designed to prioritize ease and simplicity of use for members and staff alike. As new clients register, the software will do all the work by streamlining their personal information, payment methods, billing schedule, training preferences, and much more. This eliminates the time-consuming administrative work of updating spreadsheets regularly, making it possible for you to focus on more important tasks, like:

  • Improve Client Retention Client retention is as important as acquiring new clients, especially when it comes to personal training. Therefore, with online personal trainer services, your current clients will be able to get easy access to services like training videos, diet plans, nutritional calculators, etc., making their fitness routine easier. This way, current clients will continue to access the services virtually and you won’t have to continuously sell services even if you have a tight schedule.
    Additionally, testimonials of previous clients who have been training for a long time with you also speak volumes. Hence, this is the best online training software for personal trainers tool you need to retain clients as it makes communication hassle-free with all their training-related queries, videos, and diet charts, all in one place.
  • Client motivation When your members can reflect on their progress, it acts as motivation for them. You can also use this information to send notifications to congratulate your clients on completing a milestone, making them feel special and valued as a member.
  • Up-Selling Other Services When the scheduling training sessions are automated, up-selling other related services such as nutritional planning and targeted fitness classes becomes easier as the clients are already signed up on your personal training management software.
    Upselling additional services might not be received well by new clients in the physical environment. However, virtual personal training services present a package deal to current and prospective clients.
  • Better Client Engagement Communicating with clients through texts or emails can soon become a time-consuming hassle that can hinder their motivation to extend their membership. Thankfully, ShapeNet’s personal training Software Services have a built-in chat option that solves multiple issues. Now, you can contact your clients through texts or video calls during a live training session. This way, your clients will have access to all the discussions and tips pertaining to their training in one place, without additional notifications.

An efficient and strategically designed personal training management software can prove to be a magnet that attracts new clients and retains current ones easily. Therefore, invest in ShapeNet Software systems and upscale your business instantly.

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