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Shapenet’s innovative software management simplifies and amplifies your salon operations.

Discover the best cloud-based salon management software – Shapenet, designed by professionals specially customized for beauty salons, including hair and nail beauty centers. Shapenet already helped many businesses transform their functions since 2002, and now our services are also offered to salon management.

Features of Shapenet

Salon Management Software

All-in-One Salon Management

Provides a comprehensive solution, from appointment scheduling to sales management, to help you make your salon more efficient functioning.

Appointment Booking

This enables clients to book appointments online, which makes scheduling easier and enables staff utilization for better efficiency.

Client Communication

Send automated text and email reminders, promotions, and newsletters to your clients and keep them updated and interested.

Staff Management

Manage your staff schedules effectively, monitor performance, and distribute resources with our user-friendly tools for staff management.

Sales Management

Track leads, manage tours, and automate marketing efforts to attract new clients and maximize sales opportunities.

Mobile App Integration

Offer a branded mobile app for your salon, enabling clients to schedule appointments, make purchases, and refer friends with ease.

Texting Services

Utilize drip campaigns, automated reminders, and two-way communication to keep clients informed and engaged.


Implement points, rewards, contests, and achievements to incentivize client engagement and enhance loyalty.

24/7 Door Access

Grant clients secure access to your salon using their phones, fobs, or key tags, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Auto Billing

Set up automated billing processes to bill clients weekly or monthly, reducing administrative burden and ensuring timely payments.

Why Choose Shapenet Software For Salon Management?

Optimize Your Salon Operations

Run your salon with fewer staff members. Our intuitive software simplifies the procedure, enabling you to concentrate on providing superior client services.

Automate Tedious Tasks

Free up valuable time by automating repetitive tasks like appointment scheduling, reminders, and client communications through a single click. With Shapenet, you can streamline your salon’s workflow and increase productivity.

Continuous Improvement

Being innovative, stay one step ahead of the curve with Shapenet. Our software has new and innovative features, which we update regularly to meet the changing needs of the salon industry.

Enhanced Value

Maximize your salon’s profitability and retain more clients with Shapenet’s value-driven approach. Our comprehensive software empowers you to provide exceptional service, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Who Can Use Shapenet Salon Management Software?

Our software is trusted by a diverse range of businesses in the salon industry, including:

Spas and Salons

Effortlessly manage your appointments, staff schedules, retail sales, and payment processing through ShapeNet.

Wellness Centers

Be it a yoga studio or holistic wellness center, ShapeNet provides the best resources to manage your clientele and operations effectively.

Beauty Salons

Whether you specialize in hair styling, nail care, skin care, or offer a combo of services, ShapeNet enables you to effortlessly oversee appointment bookings, staff schedules, retail sales, and payment processing using a single platform.


From appointment bookings to staff schedules and retail sales, Shapenet ensures streamlined operations so you can focus on providing top-notch service to your clients.

Medical Spas

Whether you’re running a dermatology clinic or medical spa, manage appointment bookings, staff schedules, retail sales, and payment processing seamlessly with our intuitive platform.

So, join the thousands of salons worldwide that trust Shapenet Software for streamlined operations and elevated businesses. Upgrade your spa or salon with ShapeNet’s comprehensive salon management software and feel the difference firsthand.

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