Please take 5 minutes to review the list below. If you feel you are handling everything very well, then continue to do so. If you feel there are areas that you would want to improve, please schedule a 30min DEMO.
  • Texting Services – Drip, Auto, 2-way, Reminders, upsell, health tips
  • Mobile App – Your logo, scheduling, purchasing, referring friends, videos
  • Gamification – loyalty programs, points, rewards, contests, achievements
  • Video Workouts – we have high quality video fitness workouts that your members can follow in your gym using your equipment or from home. Can add your videos
  • Online Signups – from your website, facebook, Instagram, etc..
  • Sales Management – track leads, tours, auto marketing
  • Custom Forms – electronic questionnaires and analytics of results
  • Auto Billing – bill members everyday, Auto re-runs based on predictive past billing patterns
  • 24/7 Door Access – using phone, fobs, keys tags, facial recognition
  • Member Reviews – Classes, Trainers, Instructors

IMPORTANT : We can CONVERT your data from your existing system. We provide a project manager to help you every step of the way during this process. This is a great opportunity to better organize and clean-up your data.

Here is a good example of the AUTOMATION we can provide. All of the steps below will not require ANY action from your staff.
  • Members signs up from your website and/or social media account
  • Member gets an email to download your app to gain secure access via door
  • If the member owes money, they cannot enter facility
  • Member logs into the app, updates payment info and makes payment to regain access
  • TEXTS are sent periodically to provide fitness and health tips
  • TEXTS are sent periodically to upsell different services you offer
  • Members are billed automatically on their billing day
  • Re-runs are processed automatically
  • TEXTS will be sent when billing fails to inform member to login to app to make payment
  • If member cancels, TEXTS will be sent periodically to get them back in your gym
  • Questionnaires can be sent to gather useful info about what members like and dislike
  • Reviews and ratings can be provided about your different classes, trainers and instructors
  • Video Workouts can be followed by a member using your facility – this adds value to anything you sell and will provide another revenue stream
  • Member earns points for checking in, attending classes, completing a PT session, etc.
  • Points can be redeemed for prizes such as a FREE TRAINING SESSION for a friend which becomes a SALE opportunity
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