ShapeNet Software’s Member Portal makes fitness easy

06. Jul Larry

Keeping members active is a key component of a successful health club. ShapeNet Software provides a Member Portal so that clients can manage their fitness experience and with our new mobile app, they can access the portal whenever and wherever they want. Once members enter the portal the dashboard allows them to coordinate and track their work out schedule, easily placing times on a calendar so they don’t miss a day. The self management section allows members to track their successes. Whether their goal is to gain strength, lose weight or train for an upcoming event, this area of our member portal will provide members a complete overview of their fitness experience. The billing section of the member portal sends a friendly reminder to members whose payments are past due. This type of outreach reduces persistent delinquency and keeps members active. Signing up for classes is easy through our member portal. Allowing members to sign up online or through our mobile app for whatever classes they desire without having to call the club. The portal provides the member the ability to view the monthly calendar of classes and the availability of space in each of the classes. Making it easier for clients to sign up for the class they desire will keep them active and help with member retention. When members create an overall fitness plan that includes personal or group training classes they are more likely to achieve their fitness goals. Our member portal will reduce the likelihood of members being shut out. Lastly, our member portal provides members the ability to purchase sessions on line or through our mobile app, freeing up employees to work with members in other ways. Purchasing sessions through the portal helps to increase club owner cash flow and avoids members falling behind in payments.

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