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04. Aug George

Gym software is an absolute necessity for gyms competing in a constantly growing, yet highly volatile health fitness industry.
With numbers that show steady increases in fitness center memberships throughout the United States since 2000, total membership skyrocketed to more than 57.25 million in 2016 in an industry that now consists of about 36,000 membership-based exercise facilites in the country – both multi-site chains and single-location independently-owned and operated gyms.
Yet, while spiking gym membership numbers helped rake in almost $26 billion in total U.S. revenues, the health and fitness industry has also endured more than a fair share of bankruptcy and decline during the past five years as fitness clubs work to keep memberships rebounding and revenue streams diversifying.
Gym software has become an essential tool in managing and surviving a rewarding, albeit tumultuous health fitness business in 2017, and club owners are turning to ShapeNet Software for their club management needs.
ShapeNet’s all-in-one cloud-based gym software system provides 24-hour door access, a mobile app, e-signature, hardware, data conversion, club software education, tech support and regular updates that allow even the most time-challenged fitness club owner to access business record anytime and anywhere there is internet service. ShapeNet’s system is safe and secure, with the gym owner maintaining complete control over who can access members’ records.
And through ShapeNet’s member portal and mobile app, clients can easily renew memberships, schedule classes and purchase items, all from their Smartphone. Health and fitness has grown into an extremely competitive business model. For club owners working to stay ahead of a volatile curve by managing and serving their members, those paper records, membership cards and appointment books are a thing of the past.
Join the present and organize the future with ShapeNet’s gym software that works with any computer. Find out why so many club owners are turning to ShapeNet to stay ahead of the curve on all their club management needs.

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