Trainer Payroll

Added PDF and Download options

Reports, Financial, Employee Payroll Financial

Bank Account Reports

New Report provided Bank Details for ACH clients

Reports, Misc-Stats, Bank Account Report

Locker Management

Editing Locker

Addressed Errors

Functions, Locker Management, View – Edit


Referral Report

Addressed error upon clicking Member Referral Link

Reports, Marketing, Referral Report – click Member Count


Purchase Sessions

Redesigned Presentation

Adjust color and font from Tools, System Settings, Appearances, Member Portal Tiles and Font Settings

NEW: Education Section

Ability to Add PDFs to an Education Tile

Functions, Member Portal, Education


New Billing Frequency – 4 Weeks

New option to bill a multi-payment service at 4 week frequency has been added. 

Functions, Services, Add/View types, Frequency

User Interface

Quick Lookup

Magnifying Glass lookup expanded to additional pages

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