Virtual Club
Membership Management

ShapeNet Software offers the best virtual club membership management software system perfect for consolidating and managing all your gym operations, such as virtual classes, exercise regimes, trainer schedules, and more at your fingertips.

Our cloud-based smart membership management solutions have been carefully designed to provide exceptional flexibility so you and your members can access the membership management system from anywhere.

With our virtual membership management software, you can:

  • Notify your members regarding any new updates.
  • Communicate better and share insightful information with your club members.
  • Run a loyalty program to improve member retention.
  • Maintain an updated member database with detailed member information that your members can update by themselves.
  • Works as an automated system to invite members for special events.
  • Automatically sends important account status updates regarding outstanding balances, membership renewals, etc.
  • Easy integration with email marketing, billing, and CRM systems.

Automate your membership management process!

A unique professional virtual membership management software can play a significant role in the success of your fitness business. At ShapeNet Software, we take pride in providing fully integrative software solutions tailored to aid your administrative staff, trainers, and members, enhancing your clients’ gym membership experience. In addition, we will customize your virtual club membership management software, depending on your specific business needs.

If you have a limited budget or lack technological capabilities to transform your fitness club into a virtual fitness center successfully, ShapeNet offers exclusive solutions to fit any budget and business needs. Whether you have a small customer base or need virtual membership software to accommodate an increasingly growing customer base, we will ensure your membership process is seamless.

Explore our virtual club membership management solutions today!

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