Virtual Fitness Software: Take Your Fitness Club To The Next Level

05. Jan Admin

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the fitness facilities have been impacted the most. Many fitness businesses had to close their services for many months, and even after the restrictions are lifted, they are required to keep limited Occupancy. It has heavily impacted the business revenue of fitness facilities. Even in 2021, there is still no sign of the Covid-19 going away. Therefore, it is best to make some changes to your fitness club to ensure its survival.

If your fitness club cannot host your clients in the gym facility, why not bring the gym facilities to them virtually? For your fitness business’s successful future, it is important to consider implementing ready to use virtual fitness software that can help your clients work out from anywhere. Your gym facilities don’t need to be confined to physical fitness classes. It is time to switch to a smart business strategy.

Online digital workouts have been becoming more and more popular with clients as it helps them maintain social distancing while helping them to stay fit. Offering online classes is a great way to retain your existing clients and expand your customer base online. Virtual Fitness Software is a great tool that helps your clients stay connected and achieve their fitness goals. So, it is time to equip your gym facilities with emerging technologies and transform your clients’ fitness experiences that best fit this new world.

Here is how you can grow your client base with our Virtual Fitness Software:

1. Start with virtual classes

Make it easy for your members to workout with virtual classes by integrating a secure virtual membership management software. Setting up virtual classes for your clients will encourage them to keep up with their workout routine and stay on track with their fitness goals.

2. Promotional Video campaign

Once you have set up a virtual gym membership software, the next step is to create a promotional video campaign for social media. It will help generate awareness about your fitness facilities online and attract customers to your online workout services. It can significantly grow your client base.

3. Easy sign up for new members

The next step is to set up an easy signup process for your new members. It will reduce the stress on the administration team. The new members can simply fill the form online and use their debit or credit card to pay the membership fee securely. All their required information will be automatically stored in your database that you can access from anywhere.

4. Virtual Fitness Trainer Software

Virtual Fitness trainer software is an excellent tool for your trainers that allows your trainers to conduct virtual sessions. It can be easily integrated into your facilities. Your trainers can track their clients’ progress, assess training requirements, and develop customized fitness plans all in one place.

5. Create virtual training schedules

ShapeNet has been providing club management software solutions to a variety of health and fitness centers. We offer a virtual fitness program builder that helps you plan your virtual fitness plan and schedules. It gives your members an opportunity to work out together online with their friends.

Offering online workout sessions will attract more clients. If done right, you can significantly improve your Gym’s revenue, client base, start a new revenue stream by monetizing your video workouts, and much more.

If you are interested in knowing more about various virtual training software that can help boost your Gym business, contact our expert team.

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