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The purpose of gym management software systems is quite straightforward – to simplify the operations, improve customer engagement, and promote business growth. Following the cue, ShapeNet Software provides just that. Dedicated approach to compliment your unique business plan, our developers minutely analyze the present functions and work from there on to design software made specifically for you and your clients’ needs.

It has been observed that the main source of client dissatisfaction stems from a gap in communication, delay in the processing of their requests, and the occasional clash of training sessions due to miscommunication. Irrespective of your team’s consistent efforts at managing everything to perfection, such occurrences are unfortunately inevitable. ShapeNet’s club membership software solves such issues before they arise, along with many other aforementioned benefits.

ShapeNet’s cloud-based systems automatically save members’ information in the database, ready to be integrated into the upcoming promotional lists. The software’s self-regulating design makes it feasible for the managers to monitor sign-ups, member activity with no compromise on the report generation and performance analysis. ShapeNet Softwares are user-friendly and can be strategically merged with any existing software or web portals.

All fitness businesses strive to improve the client-trainer relationship, the most significant contributor to client retention. Henceforth, transparency in the membership structuring, class scheduling, trainer communication equates to higher customer satisfaction. When the clients are content with the services, the reports generated by your software will reflect it almost instantly. These insights are more than purely indicative. In fact, these reports can be used to make informed business decisions based on the current performance and implement a strategy for growth and expansion of the business through top-quality services, unified operations, and fully automated systems at your fingertips.

ShapeNet Softwares don’t simply promise, we deliver calculated results. Request a demo today and see for yourself.

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