Restoring Stability to Your Club

There are a few signs that your fitness facility may be failing: the decline of membership sales, the increase of membership cancellations, and/or the disapproval of your facility from members. If you are experiencing any of those signs, and hopefully not all three signs, you’ll need to ask yourself as a fitness facility owner and […]

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Auto Pay vs Bill Pay

The days of mailing payments has passed. It is an antiquated method of paying bills because there’s too much stress behind it. You have to mail the payment in a timely fashion and hope the payment reaches the biller in time. And if it does not, you could very likely incur late fees! In addition, […]

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Are you a Billing Company or a Health Club?

Management software plays an important role in the effective growth of your business. A major component of your software is the billing process and many fitness facility owners are confused about this component. A commonly asked question is ‘Should I manage my own billing or should I let someone else handle it for me?’ If […]

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A Complete Fitness Software Package Helps your Business Grow

Fitness facilities such as health clubs, fitness studios, gyms or personal training studios, that are not using a quality fitness software are missing out on tremendous opportunities to grow their business. A complete fitness software will promote the growth of your business and make your overall management easier. A complete fitness software can help your […]

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11 Must Have Features for Personal Training Software

A fitness facility like a karate club, a yoga studio or a gym, that isn’t using a club management software to manage their training programs are missing out on opportunities to grow their business. Good personal training software will effectively save you time with your daily operations. A good software will provide tools to involve […]

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9 Ways Gym Software can Generate Revenue for Your Facility

As competition increases, owners of fitness facilities, such as health clubs, fitness studios, gyms, and yoga studios, are always looking for new ways to generate new additional revenue. They may hire a sales representative, or add a new service such as a smoothie bar, or expand a training program. And though all these are helpful ways […]

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The Future is Now With Web-Based Software

The benefits are overwhelming, yet the movement to the Web with club management software in the health club industry has been painfully slow. The purpose of this article is to give the reader a better understanding of the Internet along with describing some benefits of Web-based club management software. Understanding the Internet The Internet is […]

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The Techno Club: Club Management Solutions and Next Generation Software

Technology is moving fast. In order to be successful, you’ll need club management solutions and you’ll need to utilize effective software features that are now emerging in the fitness industry. Every business owner is always looking for new ways to make their business more profitable and to manage it effectively. One of the most overlooked […]

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ShapeNet Software Included in the World Gym Approved Vendor List

ShapeNet software is pleased to announce our recent inclusion on the World Gym Approved Vendor List. World Gym franchisees will now be able to leverage the power of the cloud to maximize profits for their clubs while saving significant administrative time and securing better reporting. Shape.Net has been optimizing the fitness industry since 2002. It […]

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