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National Independent Health Club Association (NIHCA) | Eagan Minnesota- September 19

ShapeNet Software will be attending the NIHCA Trade Show in Eagan Minnesota on September 19th from 8:30am to 4:00pm. The National Independent Health Club Association, a non-profit organization, has been created to represent independent fitness centers across the nation, work with insurance providers and employer groups on existing or new health management programs. ShapeNet’s all-in-one cloud based fitness club management software is unlike any other software you’ve ever worked with. With our software, you can spend less time worrying about late-fees and expired credit cards and more time engaging with members. Come to this awesome event and let us prove that we … Continued

Stay Ahead of the Curve with ShapeNet Gym Software

Gym software is an absolute necessity for gyms competing in a constantly growing, yet highly volatile health fitness industry. With numbers that show steady increases in fitness center memberships throughout the United States since 2000, total membership skyrocketed to more than 57.25 million in 2016 in an industry that now consists of about 36,000 membership-based exercise facilites in the country – both multi-site chains and single-location independently-owned and operated gyms. Yet, while spiking gym membership numbers helped rake in almost $26 billion in total U.S. revenues, the health and fitness industry has also endured more than a fair share of … Continued

Choosing the correct Merchant Processor for your Business

Choosing the correct Merchant Processor for your business can be an arduous process for everyone – you are not alone! We encounter club owners daily that share their stories where an outside merchant processing vendor presents them with an unbeatable offer and they take the bait. Down the road the business loses money and the owner feels burned. Whether you are currently processing with Open Edge through Shapenet or are preparing to, we are here to help! Outside merchants may approach you with an offer of lower percentage rate per transaction but may fail to mention other fees you will … Continued

Shape up your gym schedule with ShapeNet Software

Shapenet is the one club management software platform that can help you manage your daily schedule and nurture strong, lasting relationships between your members health and fitness counselors and trainers. Our system provides updated, up-to-the-minute messages on personal training scheduling and account status, plus notifications for birthdays, outstanding balances, renewals, class enrollment, and even child watch. Here’s why every health and fitness facility and every health and fitness buff running on a daily schedule should get ShapeNet: Our gym and health club management system allows users to access fitness training regimens from any computer, tablet or mobile device with an … Continued

SIBEC North America | West Palm Beach Florida- September 26th to the 29th

Since 2002, ShapeNet has been providing enterprise cloud-based SaaS solutions to a variety of health and fitness centers. Our software gives club owners the opportunity to move their business into the digital space and grow their business at a rapid pace. With our product, signing up new members is easier than ever. All of your contracts and agreements can be signed and stored digitally in your ShapeNet system, eliminating the costly storage and maintenance of paper contracts. Engaging with the existing members of your gym is key to ensuring client retention. The software’s member portal gives club members the opportunity … Continued

Club Industry Show | Chicago, IL- October 4th-6th

Are you a gym owner struggling to keep track of your business activities, members and employees? ShapeNet software, a cloud based club management software, is the perfect solution for you! With our software you can bill your members, sell products/services, schedule classes/ training sessions and communicate with clients ALL from any location with an internet connection. You can finally ditch the oversized file boxes of customer information- all of your customer data is safely stored in the cloud. Our custom branded mobile app lets you put your brand in every member’s pocket and connect with them from anywhere at anytime. … Continued

IHRSA 2017 Los Angeles, CA March 9th – 10th

Trade Show Announcement IHRSA 2017 Los Angeles, CA March 9th – 10th Booth # 2410 Since 2002, ShapeNet’s complete cloud based management software has been providing a full suite of integrated technology solutions to a variety of clubs. From billing your members, selling products and services, member self-service solutions, scheduling a class/training session on-line or through a club branded app and much more. Our platform is designed to increase revenue and streamline your business.

ShapeNet Software’s Member Portal makes fitness easy

Keeping members active is a key component of a successful health club. ShapeNet Software provides a Member Portal so that clients can manage their fitness experience and with our new mobile app, they can access the portal whenever and wherever they want. Once members enter the portal the dashboard allows them to coordinate and track their work out schedule, easily placing times on a calendar so they don’t miss a day. The self management section allows members to track their successes. Whether their goal is to gain strength, lose weight or train for an upcoming event, this area of our … Continued

Mobile Apps take Club Management Software to a new level

After launching ShapeNet’s club management software we have been getting rave reviews from both clients and users. Club management software was designed to help health club owners keep track of member information, EFT billing and appointments so they can retain members and keep them active. By introducing a CMS mobile app, ShapeNet’s clients engage their members on a whole new level. Members who use the CMS mobile app can schedule appointments with their trainers anywhere and anytime. They can also keep their billing information current, purchase items and track their purchases throughout the year. They can also refer friends which … Continued

Manage your billing with ShapeNet

Billing management is the least favorite job for club owners. At the same time, it’s the most important part of their business. Accurately keeping track of membership renewals, member billing information, unpaid fees and late charges can mean the difference between a successful health club and one that only limps along. As the health club industry continues to grow, club management software is an absolute must, but with so many softwares available, how does a club owner choose a CMS that works for them. For ShapeNet Software, we believe that it all boils down to keeping owners profitable while keeping … Continued

Relationship Between a Gym Software and your Fitness Facility’s Revenue

Like any other business, a fitness facility also depends on revenue and client base. Whether it is a gym, karate club, health club, or even a yoga studio, it all comes to profits in the end. There are various ways to increase financial benefits from your facility. It includes new marketing strategies, hiring sales personnel, advertisement and lots more. But, only few people know about the more advanced way of it which is known as a gym software. Purchasing a gym software for your fitness facility can be the best decision you can make for increase in your revenue as … Continued


New York, NY: Today ShapeNet Software, a New Jersey based business offering health club management software, launched a mobile app that allows members of fitness and wellness centers to be able to access their membership information, schedule personal training sessions, register for classes and pay fees online. Push Notifications and Refer a Friend options are also available. The app is an important tool to keep members active and participating in their wellness program. ShapeNet Software founder, Larry King said this about the app, “Our goal at ShapeNet Software is to help fitness and wellness centers maintain and expand their membership … Continued

Athletic Business Trade Show – Orlando, FL | Nov 17-18

ShapeNet Software, which was voted “Best of the Best” by Club, will be attending the Athletic Business Trade Show in Orlando, FL from November 17-18, 2016 to demonstrate its cloud based, club management software which provides: Sales CRM; Membership Retention by Email; Easy Online Enrollment; Personal Training and EFT billing. ShapeNet Software is the only system to offer clients profit sharing. For more info click here:

Club Industry Trade Show – Chicago, IL | Oct 13-14, 2016

ShapeNet Software, the all in one cloud based club management software will be in Booth 803 at the Club Industry’s 2016 trade show taking place at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. ShapeNet will be demonstrating its branded mobile app that allows members of fitness and wellness centers to be able to access their membership information, schedule personal training sessions, register for classes and pay fees online. Push Notifications and Refer a Friend options are also available. The app is an important tool to keep members active and participating. ShapeNet Software founder, Larry King said this about the app, “People have … Continued

Cali Clubs Trade Show – Indio, CA April 20-21

ShapeNet Software will be attending the Cali Clubs Trade Show in Indio, CA from April 20-21, 2016. Our all in one, cloud based club management software is the only software fitness/wellness club owners will ever need to keep their clients happy and engaged. ShapeNet Software is the only company to offer clients profit sharing on late fees as part of their EFT billing which is one of the reasons we were voted “Best of the Best” by Club

Any gym can gain clients in January – with ShapeNet Software you can keep them signing up all year long.

New Years’ resolutions are to gym memberships what the prediction of snow storms are to bread, egg and milk distributors. It’s the psychological trigger that gets people motivated to participate. But once February rolls around, the frenzy begins to fizzle and people settle back into their daily routines, forgetting all about the promises they made to make this year a healthy one. Successful gym owners know that the best marketing tool at their disposal is a committed member who achieves his/her goal of fitness. Sure it’s great to see that influx of cash from post-holiday membership sales, but that cash … Continued

JCC Association of North America in Baltimore, MD May 15-17, 2016

ShapeNet Software will be demonstrating its product at the JCC Association of North America in Baltimore, MD May 15-17 ShapeNet Software was voted “Best of the Best” by Club for its all-in-one cloud based club management system provides client a wide range of management services including: Sales CRM; Membership Retention by Email; Easy Online Enrollment and Personal Training. ShapeNet Software is the only system to offer clients profit sharing with their EFT billing.

National Independent Health Club Association – April 26-27, 2016

ShapeNet Club Software will attend the National Independent Health Club Association (NIHCA) trade show in New Brighton, MN, April 26-27 to demonstrate its Cloud based software which provides clients with complete systems to manage their health clubs. ShapeNet Software was voted “Best of the Best” by Club because they provide client a wide range of management services including EFT and profit sharing with member late fees. ShapeNet Software also provides a portal to allow members to register for class, schedule PT, purchase services and so much more. They also offer: Sales CRM; Membership Retention by Email; Easy Online … Continued

IHRSA 2016 trade show in Orlando, Florida, March 22-23, 2016

ShapeNet Software – voted “Best of the Best” by Club for its all-in-one cloud based club management system – will be at the IHRSA2016 trade show in Orlando, Florida, March 22-23 demonstrating its product capabilities. ShapeNet Software provides their clients with Electronic Fund Transfer Billing with the greatest percentage of return on uncollected funds; profit sharing with member late fees; sales CRM; Member Portal; Retention; Easy Online Enrollment and Personal Training.

Get an Edge Over Competitors in the Fitness Industry

Recent years have seen an unprecedented rise in the healthcare and wellness sector. Gymnasiums and fitness clubs have sprouted up on almost every second corner. As more and more people feel the urge to sculpt their bodies to perfection, the demand for gyms and clubs does not show any indication of decreasing. This high demand presents the people running such clubs with both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity is to harness this demand to fuel the growth of their business and the challenge is to get ahead of competitors who are vying for the same customer base. Latest … Continued

What Are The Best Features of a Club Management Software?

If you are run a health club business, a fitness center, or a gym, for the growth and management of your business, you definitely need an effective club management software that can help you reach your business goals.  You can rely on different fitness softwares for the overall management and growth of your business. Here are some essential features of a club management software- Managing the members- Managing members is one of the most important tasks of any health club business. Therefore, after installing your club management software, it will be easier and convenient for you to manage the members … Continued

The Relationship Between a Gym Software and your Fitness Facility’s Revenue

Like any other business, a fitness facility also depends on revenue and client base. Whether it is a gym, karate club, health club, or even a yoga studio, it all comes to profits in the end. There are various ways to increase financial benefits from your facility. It includes new marketing strategies, hiring sales personnel, advertisement and lots more. But, only few people know about the more advanced way of it which is known as a gym software. Purchasing a gym software for your fitness facility can be the best decision you can make for increase in your revenue as … Continued

What is The Role of a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a fitness and health professional who is highly educated and certified to train people who aspire to be healthy and fit. Their job is to provide training programs that people can implement in their daily schedule and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. They also encourage the trainees to change their eating habits such as food and supplements so that they can maintain a healthy life. So, the ones who are fitness conscious and want to seek help and go through proper training under the guidance of a professional should choose the best personal trainer that help them avail … Continued

Find Out How Using Fitness Software Can Be Essential For Your Business

If you own fitness facilities such as health clubs, gyms, or fitness centers, it is important to use the most efficient tools to help manage business related activities. Therefore, to ensure smooth overall management and rapid growth it is useful to rely on emerging tools such as a complete fitness software. Here are some reasons why getting a gym management software would make a great investment: Efficient Management of Membership– It allows you to manage memberships effectively by keeping track of member’s attendance, fitness levels, and communications. With the right software, you could easily pull up all the members whose … Continued

Being a Better Gym Manager

Using an awesome club management system is certainly an efficient way to being a great gym manager because anyone that manages a gym knows there are a lot of things to do: employee wages, class schedules, personal training schedules, marketing tactics, products, and member retention, just to name a few. So how can one be a better gym manager when having a club management system simplifies the grind of gym management? There is one thing that a club management system cannot do and that is developing professional relationships with employees and clients. Manage your employees fairly and with respect. Don’t play … Continued

Extending Your Reach and Retaining

Your fitness club has likely signed up lots of new members earlier this year, and that’s certainly great for business. However, now that some time has passed since the New Year, some of these “New Year” members may have realized that starting the resolution to gain a fitter lifestyle was much easier than committing to fulfill it. Perhaps they do not have the commitment, time, planning, and hard work needed. And this realization may cause them to cancel their membership, which is certainly something you do not want. So how do you keep these “New Year” members? One of the critical elements … Continued

IHRSA 2015 – March 11-14, 2015

We are sending out a team to the IHRSA 2015 trade show in Los Angeles, California! This will be an exciting event with amazing keynote speakers! Check out the trade show information with this link – IHRSA 2015.

A New Feature: CRM

What is CRM? It is an acronym for ‘Customer Relationship Management,’ which in layman’s terms means a must have tool for fitness centers looking to grow their business. And ShapeNet’s club management software now offers this essential tool. Our CRM provides your business with a system that manages customer interactions, for current clients and future clients. The system will organize sales data, marketing data, and customer service data into a simple summary which you can utilize to improve whatever areas of your business is needed. And the best part of all, our CRM can organize the data on a day to day … Continued

ShapeNet Presents Sales Customer Relationship Management

We are pleased to announce that we have added the Sales Customer Relationship Management tool to our club management software. This feature will be paramount for business success and we are excited for all our clients! The feature provides the opportunity to effectively manage and track the results of team’s sales efforts.

A New Year Means New Things

The new year of 2015 is less than two months away, so if you haven’t made plans to improve your fitness facility then we highly recommend that you pay close attention to this article. A new year means a fresh start for many. Perhaps some will finally make permanent positive changes to their health, or go to the gym more than once a month, or even take on new fitness challenges. Whatever the case may be, as a fitness center owner, you need to be prepared to accommodate your members’ needs and wants as much as you can. The first … Continued

Did You Know?

At ShapeNet, our club management software offers so many awesome tools that it can be a little overwhelming, so we have made a series of images that showcase some of the tools you’ll find within our gym management software! Your fitness center will definitely want these useful perks. Did you know that…

Athletic Business Conference – Nov. 13 – 15, 2014

The Athletic Business Conference will be held in Orlando, Florida from November 13th to 15th. This premier educational event and trade show will be a fantastic experience for us. We’ll meet fellow industry experts and keep ourselves up to date on the latest information in our industry. For more information about this conference, please visit 

Club Industry Show – Oct. 22 – 24, 2014

From October 22nd to 24th, the ShapeNet team will be heading out to Chicago, Illinois for the Club Industry Show of 2014. The Show will take place at McCormick Place. We are excited to meet fellow peers, new and old. Come join us if you’re in the area! For more information about this show, please visit the Club Industry Show website.

SIBEC – Oct. 7 – 10, 2014

The ShapeNet team will be at the SIBEC Meeting from October 7th to 10th in Ocean Reef Club Key Largo, Florida. We’ll meet face to face with fellow decision makers in the industry and share knowledge among each other. For more information about the SIBEC Meeting, please visit 

Golds Gym Owners Convention – Sept. 22 – 23, 2014

From September 22nd to 23rd, our team will be at the Golds Gym Owners in New York! This will be a fun and engaging experience for us at ShapeNet Software.

World Gym International Convention – Sept. 3 – 6, 2014

We will be attending the World Gym International Convention 2014 from September 3rd to 6th at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please visit the following website for more information – If you’re in town, come check us out!

Restoring Stability to Your Club

There are a few signs that your fitness facility may be failing: the decline of membership sales, the increase of membership cancellations, and/or the disapproval of your facility from members. If you are experiencing any of those signs, and hopefully not all three signs, you’ll need to ask yourself as a fitness facility owner and a business person a few questions and you’ll have to be brutally honest with yourself. Important Questions to Ask Yourself 1. Would you consider your facility a viable business? Take a look at your equipment. If you have equipment that’s worn out and patched with … Continued

Auto Pay vs Bill Pay

The days of mailing payments has passed. It is an antiquated method of paying bills because there’s too much stress behind it. You have to mail the payment in a timely fashion and hope the payment reaches the biller in time. And if it does not, you could very likely incur late fees! In addition, you always need a fresh supply of envelopes and stamps in your home or office. Luckily, times have changed and we’re getting better at doing things. Now, we pay our bills online because it saves us time and money, and most importantly, it decreases our … Continued

Are you a Billing Company or a Health Club?

Management software plays an important role in the effective growth of your business. A major component of your software is the billing process and many fitness facility owners are confused about this component. A commonly asked question is ‘Should I manage my own billing or should I let someone else handle it for me?’ If you align yourself with the correct software system and billing process, and ask the right questions, you will be able to retain members and minimize your processing costs. There are nine important elements that are part of an effective and successful billing process for your … Continued

A Complete Fitness Software Package Helps your Business Grow

Fitness facilities such as health clubs, fitness studios, gyms or personal training studios, that are not using a quality fitness software are missing out on tremendous opportunities to grow their business. A complete fitness software will promote the growth of your business and make your overall management easier. A complete fitness software can help your club by: Communicating with members who have not checked in to your facility in two weeks. Communicating with members that have not trained in seven days. Scheduling members with trainers, and tracking the sessions used. Tracking inventory of products. Analyzing buying habits of members. But … Continued

11 Must Have Features for Personal Training Software

A fitness facility like a karate club, a yoga studio or a gym, that isn’t using a club management software to manage their training programs are missing out on opportunities to grow their business. Good personal training software will effectively save you time with your daily operations. A good software will provide tools to involve more members (or training studio clients) in the training program which will increase your business. And more importantly, a good software will offer additional services to members to generate additional monthly revenue for your facility. The following are 11 must-have features to look for in … Continued

9 Ways Gym Software can Generate Revenue for Your Facility

As competition increases, owners of fitness facilities, such as health clubs, fitness studios, gyms, and yoga studios, are always looking for new ways to generate new additional revenue. They may hire a sales representative, or add a new service such as a smoothie bar, or expand a training program. And though all these are helpful ways to generate revenue, many fitness facility owners forget to look at their gym software as another way to generate revenue. A good gym software should have the capabilities to help generate additional monthly revenue. And if your current gym software does not have such capabilities, you lose … Continued

The Future is Now With Web-Based Software

The benefits are overwhelming, yet the movement to the Web with club management software in the health club industry has been painfully slow. The purpose of this article is to give the reader a better understanding of the Internet along with describing some benefits of Web-based club management software. Understanding the Internet The Internet is basically a bunch of computers linked together through a network providing computer users in different locations access to the same information. All you need is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and an Internet browser. The simple, yet powerful concept of Web-based software systems allows businesses … Continued

The Techno Club: Club Management Solutions and Next Generation Software

Technology is moving fast. In order to be successful, you’ll need club management solutions and you’ll need to utilize effective software features that are now emerging in the fitness industry. Every business owner is always looking for new ways to make their business more profitable and to manage it effectively. One of the most overlooked areas that owners should be looking at is fitness management software. Detailed below are 10 great features to look for in Next-Gen management software for the fitness industry. Digital contracts: The old way to handle membership or service agreements at a gym is to have the … Continued

ShapeNet Software Included in the World Gym Approved Vendor List

ShapeNet software is pleased to announce our recent inclusion on the World Gym Approved Vendor List. World Gym franchisees will now be able to leverage the power of the cloud to maximize profits for their clubs while saving significant administrative time and securing better reporting. Shape.Net has been optimizing the fitness industry since 2002. It offers the most advanced and comprehensive software available to run a streamlined and profitable fitness facility. Every module is contained in a unified web-based data repository to minimize clicks, improve retention and customer satisfaction, maximize billing and collections, personal training management and more. Shape.Net’s powerful … Continued

Management Software and Member Retention

How are your membership sales working out for your team at the club? Let’s say, for example, you are meeting your monthly sales goals of 30 new members a month. That should position your gym to grow very nicely. But wait !!! You need to ask one other very important question:. HOW IS YOUR MEMBER RETENTION? If you are selling 30 memberships and losing 30 every month, you will have a hard time growing your business. Selling 20 and losing 10 a month, is better than selling 50 and losing 50. I think we can all now see how important … Continued

Member Retention Services Through Our Partnership With The Retention People.

The Retention People (TRP) are the leading researchers in retention and loyalty and developers of customer experience management software and solutions exclusively to the fitness industry. We believe that business success comes from creating raving fans and delighting customers – and this is what we help our own clients deliver to their customers. TRP software is now fully integrated with your ShapeNet management system, providing for fully automated digital communication with your members.

Health Quest adds 7 more locations using ShapeNet

Health Quest adds 7 more locations, bringing the total to 9 physical therapy and medical fitness locations using ShapeNet.

ShapeNET Upgrades Member Portal

We released a brand new and intuitive upgrade to our Member Portal.

Nifty After Fifty opens up 12 more facilities using ShapeNet Software

Nifty After Fifty opens up 12 more facilities, bringing the total to 42 locations using Shape.Net Software

ShapeNET Partners With TAFT

We now offer Full Service Billing thru our partnership with TAFT.

World Gym Taiwan Selects ShapeNet

World Gym Taiwan selects ShapeNet for their 21 facilities in Taiwan.

ShapeNET Releases New Website

Released new company website in celebration of 10 years of service to the Fitness Industry.

ShapeNet Hires Dennis Holcom To Lead Sales Team

Shape.Net hires Dennis Holcom to lead sales team. Dennis was the former VP of sales for ABC Financial and Motionsoft.

Advanced Child Watch Function Released

Advanced Child Watch function released to clients.

ShapeNET teams with First Credit

ShapeNet teams with industry leader First Credit Services to provide clients with a full service collections solution. FCS has specialized in the Fitness Industry since 1993.

ShapeNET Adds SMS And E-mail Reminders

Scheduler automatically sends out text and email reminders to members with scheduled appointments.

ShapeNET adds Two More Gold’s Gyms

We sold our software to two more Gold’s gyms in Miami and Virginia!

ShapeNet is now on Facebook and Twitter.

ShapeNet Software is now on Facebook and Twitter. 

ShapeNET Expands Client Base

With this year’s first ever visit to the Athletic Business Expo, ShapeNet Software is now exposing its product to colleges and universities, park and rec, YMCA, YWCA, corporate fitness, wellness, hospitals, police and fire departments, resorts and hotels, country clubs.

Personal Fitness Professional Magazine Features Article by Owner and CEO Larry King

The Techno Club: Next Genereration Software article written by owner of ShapeNet, Larry King, is featured in Personal Fitness Professional magazine.

Sony Pictures Choose ShapeNet

Sony Entertainment purchases Shape.Net management software to run Sony Pictures Athletic Club, their health facility for employees.

ShapeNet Begins To Offer Training Webinars

ShapeNet begins to offer training webinars to help jump start new clients in the use of the software.

ShapeNet Software Partners With Brivo Systems LLC

ShapeNet partners with Brivo to offer 24-hour health club access.

ShapeNet Begins To Offer Proximity/RFID Readers

ShapeNet integrates and begins to offer proximity/RFID readers as option for check-in hardware.

ShapeNet Updates Server Platform to Microsoft.NET 2.0v

ShapeNet updates server platform to Microsoft .NET 2.0 to enhance paperless contract management functionality.

First ShapeNet Educational Seminar in Philadelphia.

We successfully completed our first ShapeNet Educational Seminar in Philadelphia.

ShapeNet Software Promoted During SIBEC 2008

ShapeNet will be promoted during SIBEC 2008 where owners and suppliers in the health and fitness industry meet one on one.

ShapeNet Software Expands Technical Staff

ShapeNet expands technical staff by hiring an additional Software Engineer and a Systems Integration specialist.

Robert Grotenhuis joins ShapeNet

Robert Grotenhuis joins ShapeNet Software as Software Engineer. Robb holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and adds years of valuable software experience to the ShapeNet team.

Larry King speaks at American Academy School of Personal Training

Owner and CEO Larry King invited to speak at American Academy School of Personal Training.

First Annual ShapeNet Business Seminar

First Annual ShapeNet Learning Business Seminar announced for October 4th and 5th, 2008 in Philadelphia.

ShapeNet Software hires Teri Portello as Client Services Specialist

ShapeNet Software hires Teri Portello as Client Services Specialist, adding her valuable client service experience to the ShapeNet Team.

ShapeNet Adds Additional Support Staff

ShapeNet continues its commitment to top-notch client support by adding additional support staff and adopting an automated support ticket system.

Members Can Purchase Packages On-line

Members can purchase packages on-line from their personal login page.

ShapeNet Upgrades Databases

ShapeNet upgrades databases from Microsoft® SQL Server 2000 to Microsoft® SQL Server 2005.

Mass E-mail Templates Become Available

Ability to create HTML personalized mass Email templates becomes available.

Video Capabilities Added To System.

Video capabilities added to ShapeNET system.

Nifty After Fifty chooses ShapeNet to manage their business.

Nifty After Fifty chooses ShapeNet to manage their franchise driven business.

Biometric Capabilities Added to System.

Biometric (Fingerprint Reader) capabilities added to system.

ShapeNET Exhibited at IHRSA Trade Show

Product exhibited for first time at the IHRSA trade show in Las Vegas.

ShapeNet Offers Digitally Signed Contracts.

ShapeNet begins to offer Digitally Signed Contracts.

ShapeNet Announces Plans to Allow PDA Access

ShapeNet Announces Plans to Allow PDA Access. ShapeNet plans to allow remote PDA access to the product.

Tim Grotenhuis Joins ShapeNet as Lead Software Architect.

Tim Grotenhuis joins ShapeNet in the role of Chief Software Architect after a 6 year stint on Wall Street.

ShapeNet Joins IHRSA

ShapeNet Joins IHRSA. ShapeNet recently became an associate member of the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association

Personal Training Institute

Personal Training Institute licenses 10 ShapeNet systems to manage their 10 facilities.

Product exhibited for first time at a trade show

Product exhibited for first time at a trade show: Club Industry East Exposition in New York City.

ShapeNet system implements Microsoft.NET technology

Microsoft .NET technology implemented as part of ShapeNet system.

First web-based club management system for health clubs introduced to the market.

Initial development of ShapeNet

ShapeNet launches its Club Management Software begins its reign over SAAS based fitness and Gym management software.